Uhthoff & Zarniko


We offer innovative solutions to reduce the process costs of pumps, motors, and systems. 

The pump service of Uhthoff & Zarniko GmbH with its headquarters in Berlin is one of the leading service companies specialized in technological pump systems.

Uhthoff & Zarniko is synonymous for the availability of pump systems and pump system components of all important national and international manufacturers. 

We focus specifically on the reduction on energy costs and on the conservation of the machines' value. Won't work is not an answer at Uhthoff & Zarniko. We do our best to implement orders swiftly, cost-efficient, and in top quality. 

Our services

Plant Engineering
Coolant systems complete with cooling tower 
Pressure booster systems
Lifting systems 
Dosing systems 
Vacuum systems
Pit systems
Pump systems for boilers


Drive Technology
Repair of electric and generator motors
Programming and commissioning of frequency inverters
Construction of complete control units


Surface Treatments 
Thermal coating
Metallic coating 
Ceramic coating 
Resurfacing welding
Polyurethane coatings


Sealing Technology
Refurbishing and regenerating GLRD
Conversion of sealing systems, e. g. packing gland to slide ring packing
Installation of cassette seals
Optimisation of sealing systems (material combination and auxiliary seals adjustment)
Explosion Protection
Commissioning of pumps, engines in explosion-protected zones
Maintenance, repair of pumps and engines in explosion protected design


Repair and Installation
Repair, Maintenance and Installation of all types of pumps incl. hydraulic, vacuum and displacement pumps 
Booster systems  
Lifting systems
Blowers and fans
Grease and separator systems
Sealing systems including slide ring packing seals
Fixtures (sliders, dampers, valves)


Technical Diagnosis
Machine diagnosis according to DIN ISO 10816-3 / vibration measurement
Laser-optical shaft alignment
Ultrasonic volume flow measurement
Industrial thermal imaging



All types of pumps and for all applications
Fixtures and monitoring instruments
Drive technology
Sealing technology


We look forward to your inquiry.



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